Friday, March 18, 2011

  • Name : Robot Love Bollywood
  • Starring : Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
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  • Category : science fiction
Location: 2010, Chennai

  Mission: to create a humanoid robot - Chitty

  Objective: To help the

  Development time: 10 years

  Configuration: High-speed 1terra Hz, memory 1ZB, processor Pentium ultra core millennia V2, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Japan 450 Hirata.

  Special features: not born but created by human beings. He will dance, sing, fight, water and fire. He can do everything, but do not lie. He could not understand human emotions ......

Making of

  This set of song and dance, science fiction, action, love in one of the "Bollywood Robot Love" hit a number of Indian film history, "first." Film cost about 1.65 billion rupees (about 3,500 million U.S. dollars), more than Bollywood Rs 750 million investment after the submarine adventure film "Blue Sensation" and investment of 1.25 billion rupees, "Kite" and became the most expensive in the history of Bollywood movies. Video directed by the Tammy Raymond S · Shankar directed film with Tamil, but will also release the Telugu and Hindi with the dub. Shankar completed early in 2001 critically acclaimed "true hero" to begin preparations for the film, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan had to consider participating in such a big star, but until 2008, and Ai set 拉吉尼坎塔Shiva Yalei starring lineup after put into production. Aishwarya Rai beat Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, who became the heroine, let alone six-figure salary she called the most expensive in the history of Bollywood actress. After Brazil, the United States and Peru, the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in the famous places such as the shooting, the film was finally completed in July 2010 shooting. When the end of the film soundtrack to board UK launch of iTunes Australia's top ten albums list, made a debut album of the achievements of India. The film's original music created by the AR · Raman, who had by virtue of "Slumdog Millionaire" won the Oscar for best film score award.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

  • Name : Tomorrow, when the war broke out [BD Version] [Sino-British dual subtitles]
  • Starring : Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood
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  • Category : Action
Tells the story of seven high school students to a remote town hiking camping, home and found Australia has been plunged into war, they had to take up arms to fight back ... ...   Avery and his friends Omo, Taka Mu, Kevin, Corey, Luo Bien and Fiona go camping a week later, they returned from a camping ground.
  But when they returned to cities, but found the city is constantly missing Azeri people feeding pets and livestock are constantly die. This time, this group of young professionals aware of their holiday to commemorate the family carnival games may never come back. Fortunately, Corey's father earlier sent back from the carnival games a fax, he warn their children in the above said that his country is suffering from armed invasion, the country in chaos, he hopes his children can find place to hide. See the fax, these young people to their homes immediately split up to see if the family is still alive. But Luo Bien and Kata Mu forever. At the same time, Avery, Kevin, and Corey was the invading forces of the chase. In the process of resistance, Avery killed three soldiers with the lawn mower, but he was also injured. In desperation, they only hide the Corey's home. This time, the enemy's bombers began bombing the area, they seem to want these young people ruthless.
  IRiver finally decided to go to Luo Bien Omo and Kata Mu. Them in a low-lying small water ditch to find them. They can not return because of Kata Mu's shot in the leg. In the process of fleeing, they found a surviving friend Chris, the beginning of the invasion, Chris hiding, finally to retrieve a life. The five friends found hiding in the neighborhood Corey others - from now on, they will join hands against those intruders out. The city is no longer safe, they had escaped back to their campsite.
  Omo thought of a temporary preservation of their way, the burning of the city leading to the camping ground of a wooden bridge. So they found a little fuel, ready to burn the bridge. When they are ready implementation of the plan, they found Corey in a shot. Kevin volunteered to take the occasion of hesitation to the enemy's hospital Corey, hope they can deal with Corey's injuries. In this way, divided into two sets of eight friends. Kevin depth with Corey the camp, and the remaining six people in a stolen car drove into the camping ground, burned the wooden bridge.

  • Name : New Shaolin Temple [HD version]
  • Starring : Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse Wu Jing Fan Bingbing
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  • Category : Action Movie
Brave and fierce warlord Marshal exacting Hou Jie (Andy Lau) is considered quite Cao aide brother (Nicholas Tse) sell, so that his wife Yan Xi (Fan Bingbing decoration) away, his daughter died, and hatred that he'd rather die, during this period a living in the Shaolin kitchen, cooking on a very high Buddhist monks realize enlightenment (Jackie Chan) has finally penetrated Zen inspired by Hou Jie, and with three little Shaolin monk net energy (Wu Jing), a net sea (Shao-group), a clearance (extended release can be decorated) enemy your friend. Taichetaiwu later, became a monk and led the monks to deal with selling their cable Cao and his men down quite figure (Xiong Xinxin), a vow to protect the victims of war and in the Shaolin Temple.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

  • Name : restricted animals
  • Starring : Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy
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  • Category : science fiction
This appalling story from six years ago, a NASA spacecraft, carrying the threat of alien with unknown biological samples back to Earth, unfortunately, arrived on the occasion, quite unexpectedly crashed in Mexico.
The disaster led to extraterrestrial biological samples have leakage, and rapid reproduction and growth ... ... and even evolved into an ecosystem, just like all of Mexico to replace the original ecosystem, the local environment for human survival at risk, seeing a huge monster mammoth Pa According to most of Mexico, this disaster, the result is isolation block, included in the infected area.
With the continued spread of the monster forces, an unprecedented global catastrophe, seeing is coming down ... ...
American journalist Andrew (史古特麦奈利 decoration), when ordered alone in-depth infected area, along the dangerous, and his heavy responsibility is to rescue, and escort the boss daughter, Samantha (Hui Niyi Belle), a cross covered with different environmental disaster of terror and adventure alien heterogeneous dodge attacks, security at the border blockade.
This difficult task, made along the way, apocalyptic destruction of the terrible scene, rushed suddenly around the two of them on the nature of human vulnerability, followed by one by one discovers, and the two close interdependence, also in this horror risk process, the touch of delicate issue.

  • Name : Ultimate Revenge
  • Starring : George Tillman Jr.
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  • Category : Action
Ten years ago, Dravo's brother because of damage to the bank robbery and was killed together. That was not successful because of robberies, Dravo was sent to prison, sentenced to years in prison. Ten years later, Dravo prison, his life's sole purpose is to revenge for his brother. Whether the other party is not directly and much related death of his brother, in the Dravo view, they are all the killed people.
In order to have planned and implemented their own revenge destinations, lists a "death list", which lists his name to kill people. According to this list, Dravo began his journey of revenge. But revenge is not a good way to go, just out of prison Dravo was a veteran police officers retiring eye on. Worse, he was a killer as a target. Age is not the killer, but proficient "kill art", as Dravo impressive skill and strong physique, the Dravo killer as his number one rival.
Lions could have been revenge, and now into the eyes of others prey. It was a successful race to become dead. With the Dravo "death list" on the name to be crossed out one by one, his brother's death was more strange, there are not whom to trust, and no one is a friend - As more and more people die , his brother's death is also beginning to emerge. Dravo suddenly find their own "death list" too short.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

  • Name : Dangerous Love speed
  • Starring : Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington), Chris Pine
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  • Category : Action
 October 12, Pa. Wiggins (Wilkins) Sam Fuller (Fuller Yard) as there is a rush in the morning. Night shift staff bent on going home, and my colleagues are holding early morning coffee to take over their work. During the break just two workers devoured breakfast, they were asked to a recent move to a different train track. Fuller seems to be ready for a Sam from Niuyueoulin (Olean) of pupils starting outdoor teaching. The two workers feel a bit sick, but still accept their fate, the train started to move these beasts ─ 777 number in the train; Just then, one of the workers to work quickly to complete the tricks, and made a lead to unfortunate decision. Fast is not necessarily good, this new engine equipped with the latest computerized clock and siren, carrying 39 cars, and shortly became a wild animal camel powder keg.
  200 miles away, Brewster (Brewster) in the next structure (Mingo) car parks, The day started as usual manner. The old railway employees in preparation for doing manual before the last cup of coffee with their time reading the work of the data. While they talk to those rookie pilots have disappointing performance, the brake pilot Frank found his navigator was new Will. Frank is not very happy, but he did not stand. Old six-axle assembly of a boarded front of the train No. 1206, Frank cumulative years of work experience 28 years, he shot, it is natural to put the first 4 months of training down Wilby.
  As are some small things everyday, two parking lots did not think anybody on the afternoon of a terrible catastrophe is about to have hit a test of the adequacy of two extraordinary courage pawns become extraordinary heroes.
  Will comes from a railroad family, from childhood on his family is a big man in the shadow of the railway sector to grow, Will had to leave to break their own piece of heaven, but the situation is difficult than he expected, he returned home only to find home Way to go even worse. Children after the separation with his wife, Will cheer, and in this the fate of his work day begins. He just wanted to be successful.
  Frank always said although the younger generation is very different, but his Will is there with a lot of common points. Even if his heart is alienated from her two daughters want to get in touch again, but Frank just gave all his time to work hard to get things done.
  They initially boarded the train No. 1206, emotions are not very good, two full heads are filled with personal problems, and not to concentrate on the task at hand. But less than half the time, they must first be found on the other side of the family and emotions aside and concentrate on thinking about how to Zheliang speeding towards them from the direction of the train stop. With the launching of the story, more and more obvious danger, the two strangers for a quick portrait of his deep friendship never expected. They also did not expect, and more strongly that they therefore have a better grasp on life and a deeper understanding of their own.
  Frank and Will in the face of such distress, the radio the other end of Li Kangni Hooper (Connie Hooper), Rosario Dawson played by the voice is their only solace. Are in the trains start to lose control of the constitutive yards out, and Connie is in this chaos that filled the voice of reason and guidance.
  Even in that Zheliang driverless trains Connie left her yard, she began the day is not so interesting. She was late for work, but also experience from the Federal Railroad Administration sent a dull safety inspectors, the purpose of holding a primary school to help her outdoor teaching, learning train the content is safe; it appears that she must spend a lot of time in this she has no interest in things. When the assistant director of the station yard learn to beat tales, she was frustrated to find that the day will become especially long.
  Frank, Will and Connie in this action to stop the beast is not alone. Connie has the station yard, Assistant Director, Bonnie (Kevin Chapman (Kevin Chapman) ornaments), and a weird look outdated safety inspectors Weiner (Kevin Cawley Gan decoration) for their assistance. The latter is just the morning to the yard to inspect Fuller.
  Connie found out the beast in the yard to leave, her first instinct is to contact the other foot of the rail welder Ned (Lu Dengbo children (Lew Temple) decoration). Ned is a social butterfly, likes to say his bravery funny girl happy. But the mention of the work, he immediately became businesslike. His demeanor may be exaggerated, but at this crucial moment, he stepped forward. This story illustrates the power of the human beyond the present self.

  • Name : Bruce Lee Biography [1 Mandarin version, 2 Cantonese version] / Bruce Lee, my brother
  • Starring : Tony Leung Christy Chung Aarif Kongmy Alex Man Kristy Yang Ye
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  • Movie Download : [1] [2]
  • Category : Action
"Young Bruce Lee," by Bruce Lee in the cell Li Qiuyuan sister, brother Lizhen Hui Li Qiufeng and under the authority of filming, and tells the young boy in front of Bruce Lee is not famous anecdotes. The movie "Bruce Lee" to Bruce Lee younger brother Li Zhenhui book "My brother Bruce Lee," modeled on a young Bruce Lee is not about pre-fame story.
  November 27, 1940, Cantonese opera actor Li Hoi Chuen (Tony Leung Ka Fai decoration) stage performances in San Francisco, where his wife love yu (Christy Chung ornaments) gave birth to a son Lizhen Fan, which is the name of the highest seas in the future Bruce Lee (Aarif decoration).
  Bruce Lee's first birthday at the time, Li Hoi Chuen with family members returned to Hong Kong from San Francisco. Although the time when the Second World War, the aftermath of changes, back and forth, but Lee was in the high society life that was rich. The dragons on the one hand unruly childhood bear, from time to time go out to cause trouble, on the one hand began his career as an actor, became a minor celebrity in the early high-yielding Hong Kong film stars.
  Inter was removed into the hot-tempered, invincible young age, Bruce Lee and three friends a small unicorn (Ouyang Jing), a En Tsai (Chen Huan Ren ornaments) and Kong Chai (Zhang Yishan decoration) called the "City tigers", often go hand in hand tour. Although surrounded by many like their girls, including his father's best friends daughter, Leung Sing-po Nv (Kongmy ornaments), but the dragons favorite is the daughter of film performers, Cao Dahua Cao Miner (Ting-Ting Xie), a guessed his good Friends of the Kong Chai is also the pursuit of Mina. A dance contest in Hong Kong CHACHA so few young men at the same time through the choice of love and friendship of the test ... ...
  In inter-school boxing champion and multi-session Charlie Owen, after losing the initial battle, Lee came to the Wing Chun Hall, thanks to a great master Yip Man as a teacher. Talented, qualified and intelligent he was appreciated by Yip Man. Learn to rely on the back of the Wing Chun, Bruce Lee and Charlie Owen meet in the ring again, a close hard-fought and it has started ... ...
  Unfortunately, drug addiction in the Shocked Kong Chai, the Bruce Lee-depth drug den with a friend, to see reduced to such a friend can not help but extreme grief. Ventured to flee to save Kong Chai, Bruce Lee done everything the troll with the local gang fight. Everyone knows this war, Lee opened a lead somewhere, another chapter in life ... ...

Monday, January 10, 2011

  • Name : Death Speed 2
  • Starring : Danny Trejo, Sean Bean
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  • Category : Action Movie
Movie "Death Speed 2" is the 2008 that the Department of "death for Speed," the prequel is about in the near future, with the collapse of the world economy, violence filled society, in order to control the lawless mob, a variety of large private Prison was built in the city, one of the most notorious is the "suicide note Island" prison. Is not the murderer in prison is crazy, "cop killer" Carl Lucas was taken to here, to accept his life in prison treatment. But he happened to be bent to fight it in the TV world in September when Jones came to power, dangerous "death for Speed" game was invented, Carl became a racing driver, to be free with a number of prison officers at stroke life, but I do not know their own way is to embark on a legend.

Friday, December 24, 2010

  • Name : The Robbers / quitting
  • Starring : Matt Dillon, Idris Elba
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  • Category : Action Movie
By Gordon (Alba decoration) led a group of robbers, in recent days as the city's most famous people, because they robbed several banks continuously, every time the police arrived quickly before get out. Skilled group of professional robbers practices, for them, banking supervision and security are equal to non-existent, and the police more headaches, they repeatedly commit crimes, not even the slightest clue grasp. Gordon plans to take advantage of being apprehended by the police before the final vote dry and then go away. The police also brought in the sophistication experienced police detective Jack (Matt Dillon), a he accidentally learned that the Gordon's plan, so carefully prepared the dragnet, Gordon and his gang waiting for action ... ...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

  • Name : Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour concert in Bucharest statio
  • Starring : Michael Jackson
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  • Category : Michael Jackson
Dangerous "(" Dangerous Tour ") broke his world tour" Bad "tour record, became the biggest concerts (Michael was the" History "tour has broken the" Dangerous "tour hit the record).

"Dangerous" world tour a total of 69 games, which attracted 3.5 million fans to watch.

Michael will be "Dangerous" tour, donated all the income of his own "Save the World Foundation" and many other charitable organizations.

Michael will be in Bucharest (Romania) "Dangerous" concert broadcast rights to 12 million pounds sold to HBO (Home Box Office) cable TV, record live performances broadcast fee record. The concert Series record for HBO cable television network in the history of the highest ratings records (21.4% of the ratings, 34% households rate). Michael thus been named "Cable Excellence Award" (Cable Ace Award).

October 1, 1992 concert in Bucharest, 61 countries in the world of radio and broadcast live on television. Directed "Give In To Me" music video Andy Morahan enabled in this concert more than 14 photographers to shoot.

In the "Dangerous" tour, Siedah Garrett Michael partner with fixed and live performances "I Just Can't Stop Loving You".

October 30, 1992, when the "Dangerous" tour, traveling to Japan when the Tokyo Dome station, the famous guitarist Slash special guest of the "Black Or White" one. He also December 31, 1992 "Tokyo New Year's Eve countdown special concert," added Michael to perform again. Michael in the locker room that night all the fans wish him "Happy New Year."

In the "Dangerous" tour period, when performing "She's Out Of My Life" song, there are always a lucky girl to be elected to office and Michael dance.

"Dangerous" tour for the staff behind it, is a huge and challenging project - worth millions of performance should promptly brought in a lot of equipment behind or technical conditions poor countries. Stage erected in three days, while the cargo plane carrying the 20-car shipments of equipment cards fly one country after another.

The opening of each concert (Michael came to power in the fireworks in the ejection) and end (Michael with "flight envelope" to leave) has frequently boarded the headlines around the world.

"Dangerous" world tour made a major breakthrough, especially for the music industry realized that Asia will soon become a huge attractive market. Michael Jackson was the first to start a tour in Asia, superstar, so he brought all be used as a typical example for the experts. For example, Thailand's piracy industry in the domestic music market share is 98%. "Dangerous" the Zhengban Die sold in Thailand was 30,000, while piracy has sold 8 million copies. Michael's concert in before the start of restrictive measures in Thailand, only to genuine "Dangerous" sold 12 million copies. Thai Commerce Minister then declared war on the pirates.

In Japan, Michael Jackson performed the 8 games in one breath, the number reached 36 million viewers, setting a local record. In Mexico City, that is, "Dangerous" tour last stop, Michael Biaoyan 5 consecutive games, 50 million viewers to watch, once again a record.

Because the reasons for stress and pain, Michael canceled the "Dangerous" tour last part.

  • Name : Michael Jackson memorial
  • Starring : Michael Jackson
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  • Category : Michael Jackson

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

  • Name : Moonwalk
  • Starring : Michael Jackson
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  • Movie Download : [1]
  • Category : WORD
Michael Jackson in 1988 and launched its own creation story scripts, music, movies shot their investment "Moonwalker". In this film, Jackson is like itself as a comic performers, such as Dick. Tracy-like legend. A short suit, a hat very low pressure, wearing an armband on the sleeve, all of which became Jackson's personal mythology, iconic symbols can not be replaced ... ...